Racing Online Battle Arena

Toygeddon is an online Battle Arena Racing (R.O.B.A) inspired by several more popular MOBA , with the addition of mechanical racing fun.

It tells the story of some toys that live in an old and dismissed Shopping Mall, that is going to be to demolished. To face this situation, a group of toys decides to look f or a new home, but has to cope with other groups that do not agree with this idea.

3 Game Modes

  • Capture the battery

    The group of toys that would like to find a new home (Fugitives) has to face those who don 't want any change (Apathetics) and to fight for batteries conquest, the only source of livelihood of vehicles driven by toys.

  • Exodus

    The new Shopping Centre is not warm and cozy as they hoped, and it's already inhabited by sparking-new toys (Promised Land Army) who are not willing to share their space with the old toys. The Fugitives begin a new fight, this time to conquer their own place on the shelf of the shop.

  • King of the mall

    Finally escaped by the old shop, the Fugitives, discover that on the other side of the park, a new Shopping Centre called Promised Land Mall, is under construction. To reach it, they will have to transport their supply of batteries through the park, fighting against a group of toys that live like Marauders , after having been abandoned by their owners in the park .

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Toygeddon - Racing Online Battle Arena

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